Bait: Sandra Fluke v. Religious Liberty


In picking Sandra Fluke as the face of a non-existent issue, Democrats found their perfect canard.  If this was a Hollywood film, there could have been no better casting for this role; a victimless victim.  She is fresh-faced, articulate, and highly inculcated in liberal dogma; and she is the gift that keeps on giving – or the rash that simply won’t go away.

Notwithstanding popular misconception, Ms. Fluke did not actually testify before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee – in fact, she was barred from doing so because she lacked the proper expertise with respect to religious freedom under federal law.  However, undeterred and despite the fact that the Committee was no longer in session, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats set the stage for Sandra Fluke to speak unchained by any truth.  Indeed, her words had no legal weight – they were simply bait.

To the delight of President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and others on the far left, popular conservative radio host, Rush Limbaugh, bit hard on this lure. However, he is not alone in doing so.  More recently, Andrea Tantaros, a conservative analyst who, among other things, co-hosts The Five on Fox News wrote an article entitled, “I am woman, hear me…beg?”  In it she wrote that,

[t]hough the White House was seeking to give free access to birth control, there are many institutions that do not provide it for religious reasons. – Andrea Tantaros

With this statement, Ms. Tantaros began her analysis by surrendering half the argument; the White House does not simply want to provide access to birth control – there are already more places to get cheap, if not free, contraception in America than there are actual libraries.  This contrived intent is as much a canard as Sandra Fluke.

The real issue is the current administration’s attack on religious liberty – everything else is simply more bait.  Make no mistake, Ms. Fluke was cast into this role and what America witnessed via the mainstream media was as much a production as any scripted Hollywood movie.


UPDATE:  Two Birds With One Stone

Apparently, President Obama is not yet finished with Sandra Fluke; the White House is preparing another mass distortion campaign, this time specifically targeted at women.  Of course such a tactic necessarily assumes that women are too unsophisticated to see through his ploy. What is more important to women?

  • Forcing religious institutions to provide already affordable contraception OR jobs?
  • Forcing religious institutions to provide already affordable contraception OR getting the economy going again?
  • Forcing religious institutions to provide already affordable contraception OR lessening the massive debt that will be imposed on all of us and our progeny?

President Obama’s plan assumes that (unconstitutionally) forcing a religious institution to provide already affordable contraception is more important to women than jobs, the economy, and reducing the national debt.

In the general election, Republicans would be wise to let Obama waste his money on Sandra Fluke while focusing on the real issues that affect all Americans.

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