‘Obama Uses Co-ed in Attack on Religious Freedom and the Constitution’

Sandra Fluke

In the past few days many Americans have become assailed with Sandra Fluke and her contraception demands.  In addition, the intensity of this story has only increased after Rush Limbaugh had the audacity to make non-politically correct statements about the contraception needs of someone with an apparent thousand dollar a year sex habit. 

Misleading titles such as, “Obama calls Sandra Fluke, Georgetown law student assailed by Rush Limbaugh” littered the main stream media.  Of course, this is a false narrative which addresses only a small part of the story – the least important part no less.

A more honest title would have read, ‘Obama Uses Co-ed in Attack on Religious Freedom and the Constitution.’  However, this was not the typical headline. 

Sadly, these events and the manner in which they were framed by the mainstream media demonstrates just how deep liberal bias runs through too many so-called journalists and how this bias too often distorts reality for far too many unsuspecting readers.

Seemingly without raising any substantive questions, the main stream media did their best to paint this issue in the light most favorable to President Obama and the liberal agenda; Sandra Fluke is a victim and the issue is about a woman’s right to contraception. 

Of course, lost in this fictional canvas is the truth; religious liberty and anyone who supports the U.S. Constitution are the real victims while President Obama and Congressional Democrats are the aggressors.

Religiously funded institutions did not try to prevent Sandra Fluke or anyone else from obtaining contraception – rather, it is President Obama and people like Sandra Fluke who would force religious institutions to provide funds for contraception one way or another – even though such action would obviously violate a core value of their religious beliefs and a pivotal principle of the United States Constitution.

Clearly, Sandra Fluke is not the victim here, but in a manner we, the American people, are.  This is the real tragedy, because without honest journalism, a corrupt government is no longer beholden to the people. 

This is not solely a Catholic issue, but an American issue; as the government looks to take away rights from your neighbor, so too will the government eventually look to take away rights from you.

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